skirting boards oiled

Excellent quality to meet individual requirements

Standard profile
20 x 45 x 2700 mm skirting boards are available exclusively veneered in the following wood types:


  • Oak oiled
  • Oak white oiled
  • Oak cognac oiled
  • Oak deep-smoked oiled
  • Oak medium smoked oiled
  • Oak smoked brushed white wash
  • Oak antique smoked white oiled
  • Oak darkbrown
  • Oak darksilver
  • Oak darkgrey
  • Oak darkolive
  • Oak whitewash
  • Oak authentic
  • Oak old style oiled
  • Oak rough appearance
  • Oak rough look smoked oiled
  • Oak olivebrown

Coniferous wood

  • Maple oiled
  • Beech oiled
  • Ash oiled
  • Jatoba oiled
  • Cherry oiled
  • Larch white oiled
  • Larch oiled
  • Merbau oiled
  • Walnut oiled
  • Bamboo nature oiled
  • Bamboo dark oiled

Hamburger Profile
Harmonising perfectly with almost every type of flooring, the Hamburg profile is a real classic and also corresponds to the Old German/Old Berlin profiles.

The surface is of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) with finishing foil, available in white and in two heights:
19 x 70 x 2500 mm and 19 x 100 x 2500 mm.