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Installation of Thede & Witte parquet flooring on underfloor heating

Due to the favourable heat transfer resistance of approx. 0.10 to 0.12 m² K/W, Thede & Witte parquet is suitable for installation on warm water underfloor heating. With regard to the special technical requirements, we refer to the instructions “Elastic floor coverings, textile floor coverings and parquet on heated underfloor constructions” published by the Association of the German Construction Industry (Zentralverband des Deutschen Baugewerbes e.V.) in Bonn in cooperation with the responsible specialist groups.

Thede & Witte parquet floors have been approved for a maximum surface temperature of 29°C. For physiological reasons, however, it is not recommended to allow the surface temperature to exceed 25°C.

Please note the information on specific wood types in our technical data sheets. Due to the technological and hygroscopic characteristics of wood, small joints may form between the parquet panels during the heating period. This is unavoidable where wood flooring is combined with warm water underfloor heating and must be tolerated.

Updated: July 2017
Subject to change without prior notice